The picture you can't take yourself!

A visit to Volendam really should include a picture in traditional costume. It has been that way for a long time and will remain so. But why is it so popular?

In the first place, because having your picture taken together is fun! Especially when everyone is trying on his or her costume and getting dressed up. All our costumes are crafted with historical accuracy. For a brief moment, you will be standing in the history of Volendam yourself – in wooden shoes! When everyone is ready and smiling for the camera, the picture is taken: a lasting memory of your visit to Volendam and its colourful local costume.

Foto De Boer started photographing visitors nearly a century ago and three generations of De Boers have taken quality pictures of over a hundred thousand people from all over the world. Join them, for this picture you can’t take yourself!

Photos in Dutch costume from € 9,50 per person

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Deze bekende Nederlanders gingen je voor


Do you think having your picture taken in Dutch costume is expensive? Think again! You only pay € 9,50 each (based on a group of 10 people or more).

Listed below are our prices, based on the most popular sizes of 13x18 cm (5”x7”) and 20x30 cm (8,3”x11,7”). For € 6,- we store all the photographs taken on an USB flash drive.

2 pictures 13x18 cm or
1 picture 20x30 cm
€ 18,00 p.p.
2 pictures 13x18 cm or
1 picture 20x30 cm
€ 13,50 p.p.
2 pictures 13x18 cm or
1 picture 20x30 cm
€ 11,50 p.p.
2 pictures 13x18 cm or
1 picture 20x30 cm
€ 10,50 p.p.
3 pictures 13x18 cm or
1 picture 20x30 cm + 1 picture 13x18 cm
€ 9,50 p.p.
3 pictures 13x18 cm or
1 picture 20x30 cm + 1 picture 13x18 cm
€ 9,50 p.p.
4 pictures 13x18 cm or
2 pictures 20x30 cm
€ 9,50 p.p.
4 pictures 13x18 cm or
2 pictures 20x30 cm
€ 9,50 p.p.
5 pictures 13x18 cm or
2 pictures 20x30 cm + 1 picture 13x18 cm
€ 9,50 p.p.

Discount voucher

Print the voucher and take it along to our shop for an extra 13 x 18 cm print of your photograph for free. Or download the voucher on your smartphone and show it in the shop.

Extra print 13x18cm € 3,-
Extra print 20/30cm € 6,-
USB € 6,-
Group pictures (starting at 10 persons)
€ 8,50 p.p., per person, each a 13x18cm print
€ 9,50 p.p., per person, each a 20x30cm print

Everyone receives a picture, format 13x18 cm. Or choose pictures of 20x30 cm for half the number of persons. For instance: if your group consists of 20 people, you can choose either 20 pictures sized 13x18 cm or 10 pictures sized 20x30 cm.

You can of course also order extra photos: 13x18 cm € 3.00, 20x30 cm € 6.00. In addition, if you wish, we can also provide all the photos taken on a USB stick. The costs are € 6,-. If you have any questions, please contact us

Group fun

Bachelor party, company outing, day trip with friends, club or association, anniversary? A picture in Volendam costume fits any programme. It also offers a tangible and lasting memory of your fun day out.

We can easily take group photos of up to 55 persons. However, we would like to ask groups to book in advance, so we can give our full attention to everyone in the group. Helpful assistants will await you and turn you into real ‘Volendammers’.

The most beautiful children’s photos

They’re grown up before you know it.
Wait any longer and we’ll be too late.

These are the words of parents that captured childhood in a unique series of photos. The charming pictures will please grandparents as well, especially as a surprise gift.

If you would like to have your child or children photographed, just come along. There is no need to make a reservation.

Now and then we ask for permission to display a photo in our shop window. Just like the pictures of celebrities, everyone enjoys pictures of smiling children in costume.

All Volendammers

Volendam is famous, receiving over a million visitors each year from the Netherlands and other corners of the world. Europeans, Americans, Indonesians, Ghanese, Ecuadorians, New Zealanders and many more nationalities, one thing all visitors have in common; at our studio, they all become ‘Volendammers’.

Famous in Volendam

Our shop window displays pictures of national and international celebrities and always gets a lot of attention. When visiting Volendam, be sure to have a look yourself!

Who will you find there? Amongst others Marco Borsato, Edwin van der Sar, Gordon en Joling, Jan Smit, Larry Hagman (Dallas), Gijs Staverman, Georgina Verbaan, Gabriella Sabatini, Hennie Huisman en Danny de Munck.

That special family photo

>Having a picture taken with the children or the entire family is a much appreciated event. The fun of dressing up is a memory to cherish for grandchildren, children, parents and grandparents alike. A precious picture in costume takes you back to that shared experience over and over again.

For your family photo, just walk into our shop. If you’re with more than 10 persons, we recommend you make a reservation.


Do you have a question or would you like more information about your picture in costume? Call or mail us, we’re happy to help.

Did you know that one of our photo studios is based on the ground floor and easily accessible for wheelchair users? This studio has capacity for 25 persons. We offer extra assistance for wheelchair users when dressing up, if required.

Open every day, including Sundays!

Monday - Friday: open from 09.30 till 17.30.
Weekend:  open from 09.30 till 18.00.

Come in and have your picture taken immediately. For groups upwards of ten, you might want to place a reservation beforehand.